Instagram for Business - Marketing to Your Targeted Audience

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Brief Introduction

Use Instagram Marketing Growth Hacks to Gain Thousands of Followers & Convert Them into Paying Consumers. Updated 2016.



About This Course

You will be learning how to use Instagram for your business to:

  • Market your product or service
  • Understand mistakes businesses make on Instagram
  • How to always be in followers minds 
  • Gain thousands of real human followers
  • Turn followers into valued customers

*This course does not provide 'free' information found on the internet. You learn powerful marketing strategies which work through live demonstrations.*

Course Breakdown

600+ Students are already using the Instagram marketing strategies taught in this course:

  • Make a strong Instagram profile that converts viewers to followers
  • Tell your story to make Instagram users exciteded with your business
  • Find & use Hashtags correctly to increase your traffic
  • Gain thousands of real human (your business niche targeted) followers
  • Market correctly on Instagram to sell your product/service

Type of Material

All your lectures are recorded in 1080p HD. There is a mixture of screen recordings and talking-head videos.

You will also be given:

  • Downloadable lectures
  • Links to the best websites for Instagram marketing
  • Cheat sheets to speed up your process
  • Copy and paste material to save time

Why take this course?

  • Your Instagram growth will increase rapidly
  • You will have a defined Instagram plan of action
  • You will learn from my personal successful experience
  • Always updated for the latest trends

About the Instructor

  • Social Media Manager
  • Grown Multiple accounts to 100,000's of followers
  • Worked with big brands such as Red Bull, Spotify and more
  • Helped dozens of clients manage their Instagram business accounts

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Q: Will this work in my country?:

A: Yes, the strategies work around the globe, no matter your location or language you speak.

Q: Do I need any external resources?

A: Not at all, you can take advantage of these Instagram techniques by yourself with no extra cost.

Q: Do I need to spend money on advertising?

A: No. You will be learning organic, free strategies to gain fast momentum and dedicated followers.

Q: Do I need a specific business, product or service?

A: Any type of business works, you will be learning strategies which can be applied to any product or service .

Q: Can I take this course if I just have a personal account( E.G. I'm a Model / Photographer)

A: Yes, you can apply all the methods taught in this course to personal accounts. If you're looking to gain followers this course covers a powerful method to gaining them rapidly.


  • Requirements
  • You Should Be Comfortable With Using Instagram's Interface
  • You Will Need a Smart Phone (Example: iPhone or Android)
$ 11.99
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2 hours on-demand video
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