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Description of Business Communication Courses
  • Business Communication is a course category that focuses on improving communication skills in a business setting. This includes written, verbal, and nonverbal communication.
Common Things Learned
  • In Business Communication courses, students learn how to effectively communicate in a professional setting. They learn how to write professional emails and reports, give presentations, and communicate with colleagues and clients. They also learn how to use different communication technologies and tools, such as video conferencing and social media. Additionally, students develop skills in active listening, conflict resolution, and intercultural communication.
Typical Student
  • Typical students in Business Communication courses are undergraduate or graduate students pursuing a degree in business, marketing, or communication. However, these courses can also be beneficial for professionals who want to improve their communication skills in the workplace.
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  • To get the fundamentals of Business Communication, it typically takes one semester or about 15 weeks. However, to become well adept in this topic, it can take several years of practice and experience in a professional setting. It is important to continually develop and refine communication skills throughout one's career.
  • Business Communication is used in almost every field, as effective communication is essential in any professional setting. In marketing, it is used to create persuasive messaging and build relationships with customers. In human resources, it is used to communicate policies and procedures to employees. In finance, it is used to communicate financial data and analysis to stakeholders. In healthcare, it is used to communicate with patients and other healthcare providers. In technology, it is used to communicate with clients and colleagues from around the world.

  • Related Fields
  • Business Communication is an essential skill in many careers, particularly those that involve working with people or in a team setting. It is needed in careers such as marketing, public relations, human resources, and sales.

  • Examples of Common Careers
    • Marketing Manager
    • Public Relations Specialist
    • Human Resources Manager
    • Sales Representative


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