How to attract high-value clients

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Brief Introduction

Learn to get dream clients, charge properly and create work that you're truly passionate about


This course will teach you everything you need to know in order to find amazing clients anywhere you travel. You won’t only get clients, but you’ll learn how to value yourself and demonstrate this so that you can charge way more for what you do. Distinguish yourself from the competition so that even if there’s plenty of people offering a similar service to yours you always stay on top. Once you learn to acquire amazing clients you’ll be able to produce unique projects that make your portfolio stand out.

Our course is packed with downloadable material that will help you along the way and will upgrade your offer immensely.


  • Requirements
  • Absolutely no experience is required. We will start from the basics and gradually build up your knowledge. Everything you need is in the course.


  • Learn how attract high-value clients effectively
  • This course will allow you to increase your profits immensely
  • Learn to attract the right clients
  • Increase your prices dramatically
  • Discover how to charge appropriately
  • Find clients anywhere you go
  • Work with clients that are fun, exciting and keep you motivated
  • Discover what value you add to your clients
  • Pitch appropriately
  • Learn to never undervalue your work
  • Work less and charge more
  • Become an investment and not an expense
  • Learn the pitfalls of working with high value clients
$ 12.99
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2 hours on-demand video
Thomas Talavera Karslake


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