Foundations of Computer Science

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Welcome to Introduction to Programming: Visual Basic. In the course sequence you will learn to write programs that utilize both procedural and object oriented techniques to solve business problems. In the first course in the sequence we will provide you with a solid foundation in the computer science topics that are important to understand when programming Visual Basic. In courses two through four, we will role up our sleeves and start coding in Visual Basic. In these courses you need to have access to a computer that is running Windows, macOS or Linux with the .NET 5 installed. We will show you how to install .NET 5.


  • Develop computer programs that utilize classes and objects to solve business and mathematical problems
  • Develop computer programs that utilize collections of variables to solve business and mathematical problems
  • Model Object Oriented Programs with UML class diagrams


  • Specialization: Introduction to Computer Programming Visual Basic
  • Specialization Introduction
  • Algorithms, History of Computing and Algorithm Efficiency
  • Definition of an Algorithm
  • History of Computing
  • Algorithm Efficiency
  • Common Algorithms
  • Algorithm Reading
  • History of Computing Reading
  • Algorithm Analysis Reading
  • Common Algorithm Reading
  • Practice Algorithm Quiz
  • Practice History of Computing Quiz
  • Practice Algorithm Analysis Quiz
  • Practice Common Algorithm Quiz
  • Module 1 Graded Quiz
  • Computer Hardware and Organization
  • Binary Number Systems
  • Boolean Logic Video
  • Computer Circuits Video
  • von-Neumann Architecture Video
  • Binary Number Reading
  • Boolean Logic Reading
  • Circuit Reading
  • von-Neumann Architecture Reading
  • Practice Binary Number Quiz
  • Practice Boolean Logic Quiz
  • Practice Circuit Quiz
  • Practice von-Neumann Architecture Quiz
  • Module 2 Graded Quiz
  • Computer Networks, Cloud Computing and Information Security
  • Introduction to Networking
  • Continuation of Networking Overview
  • Introduction to Networking Protocols & Services
  • Introduction to Cloud Computing
  • Information Security
  • Computer Networking Introducion Reading
  • Networking Reading
  • Cloud Computing Reading and Ungraded Activities
  • Information Security Readings
  • Practice Networking Quiz
  • Practice Networking Protocols Quiz
  • Practice Cloud Computing Quiz
  • Practice Information Security Quiz
  • Module 3 Graded Quiz
  • Systems Software, Databases and Automation
  • Assembly Language Video
  • High-Level Programming Language Video
  • Relational Database Video
  • Automation and Artificial Intelligence Video
  • Assembly Language Reading
  • High-Level Programming Langauge Reading
  • Relational Database Reading
  • Automation and Artificial Intelligence Reading
  • Practice Assembler Quiz
  • Practice High-Level Programming Language Quiz
  • Practice Relational Database Quiz
  • Practice Automation and Artificial Intelligence Quiz
  • Module 4 Graded Quiz