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Brief Introduction

Real Estate License Exam Last Minute Study Guide to Make The Most Of Your Last Minute Studying For Your Real Estate


Most real estate license tests are basically vocabulary tests. If you know the vocabulary, then you are highly likely to pass the test. The problem is that there are 1,000 to 1,500 real estate license vocabulary words to know. Studying that many vocabulary words is a problem for most people unless there is a way to focus on the most important words first. We believe that is what we have done. We have accumulated the most used words and therefore the words most likely to show up in real estate work, in real estate courses and on real estate license exams. While this course is primarily made for the California Real Estate Salesperson or California Real Estate Broker License Exam, about 80% of this content applies to a real estate license exam or broker real estate license exam in any state. This is a last minute study guide because it focuses on the vocabulary of the real estate license exam and works to put the most commonly found terms on the study schedule first, resulting in the most useful study first. Good Luck and We Wish Upon You All Of Your Dreams And Success!

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