4P Model for Strategic Leadership Podcasts

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Brief Introduction

A Free Podcast Series


Course description

This 4-part podcast series focuses on the less obvious but no less important aspects of successful leadership with practical tips to apply immediately.


  • What you'll learn
  • This podcast series discusses the 4P framework and the four domains that are most important to great leadership.
  • Concepts discussed in the Strategic Leadership executive program from Harvard Kennedy School. Learn more at https://www.hks.harvard.edu/educational-programs/executive-education/strategic-leadership-enhancing-your-personal-effectiveness


  • Podcast 1: Perception explores how we understand information and how our own and other people’s perception of experiences and events may differ widely.

Summary of User Reviews

Discover the 4P Model of Strategic Leadership through engaging podcasts in this Harvard online course. Users have rated this course highly, praising its insightful content and expert presentation. However, some users have noted that the course can be challenging and time-consuming.

Key Aspect Users Liked About This Course

Insightful content

Pros from User Reviews

  • Expert presentation
  • Useful insights
  • Interactive podcasts
  • Practical examples

Cons from User Reviews

  • Challenging material
  • Time-consuming assignments
  • Limited interaction with instructors
  • No certification
9th Mar, 2021
30th Dec, 2024
Harvard University, Harvard Kennedy School
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